Km 10,5 / Elevation Change - 5
Continue walking in the countryside, where small villages such as Gerbidi are interspersed with large farms and farm buildings. The road is paved for about another 1km, then you take the gravel road on the left, proceeding for 2½km; lastly you go onto the SP85 to cross the bridge over the Scrivia river and enter Castelnuovo Scrivia. In the main square stands the Parish Church of Santi Pietro e Paolo, an imposing 12th century Romanesque building that has a great portal with lions at the base of columns, a lunette and capitals from the time of Barbarossa. Opposite is the Palazzo Pretorio, or the Castle of the Torriani and the Bandello families, with a beautiful pointed portico, mullioned windows, arengo and 15th-16th centuries frescoes.
Here the Scrivia Park has a protected area that extends for about 6km, in which there are cycling trails and spots for observing the wildlife.
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