Km 6,5 / Elevation change + 2
A short stretch of cycle path parallel to the SS24 leads to Molere where a dirt road goes through meadows: a diversion to the left provides a flat road for skirting the mountain through to Grangetta and Poisatto and the picnic area on the Gravio stream. A broad pavement along the state road leads to the outskirts of Condove, one of the largest towns in the valley consisting of 74 mountain hamlets: some of these have a wealth of art, such as the Chapel of San Bernardo at Laietto (1430), the Parish Church of San Saturnino at Mocchie and the Romanesque Chapel of San Rocco, formerly Santa Maria del Prato. At the foot of the rocky ridge there is the Castle of Conte Verde: mentioned since the 13th century. As a dependency of the San Giusto monastery of Susa, it had a defensive and residential role.
, 10050 Borgone Susa (TO)

45.1227591, 7.2413254000001