Km 7 / Elevation Change - 18
To avoid the busiest routes, the itinerary moves towards a very beautiful place: the Minister of Santa Maria in Viguzzolo, a fine 11th century Romanesque building. From here you can take the Via del Mare which goes back up the Valle del Curone to Fabbrica Curone and leads into Lombardia, at Varzi: then going down in Emilia to Bobbio, you continue along the ancient Via degli Abati to Pontremoli and then reach the Route of Sigeric.
The Tortona area is full of culture, history, natural beauty and gastronomy. From Viguzzolo it is easy to reach Tortona which has a long history as can be seen in its monuments. Already existing in pre-Roman times under the name of Derthona, the old town runs along the Via Emilia, characterised by its double colonnade which largely corresponds to the Roman road known as the Decumanus Maximus; half way along, the Piazza del Duomo opens up with the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and the Bishop's Palace dating back to the 16th century. Not to be missed is the Roman Museum, the 19th century Civic Theatre and the Atelier Sarina, a display of puppets and marionettes by the puppet master from Lodi, the heir to a great dynasty of popular artists. Lastly, the pilgrimage destination is the Shrine of Madonna della Guardia, built at the behest of Don Orione.
, 15058 Viguzzolo (AL)

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