Km 23,5 / Elevation Change + 330 - 487
After a further woody section, the E1 signposts point to the right into the dense vegetation, along the ancient itinerary now invaded by bushes: at this point it is worth keeping to the left, following the direction of the oil pipeline. Having gone past a couple of ramps, you continue along a road that rises slightly up to Mount Poggio: at the crossroads, turn left, go past the bar and, in a few minutes, you come to the Upper Route of Monti Liguri which, from this point, is the E1 again; in a short while you reach the Bocchetta Pass (772m) where there is an equipped rest area and from which you can finally see a splendid view of the Ligure Sea. Along the paths indicated as the CAI Bolzaneto you can reach the centre of Genova passing some of the forts overlooking the city.
From the southern slope of Mount Leco, on the other hand, you walk through heather and broom bushes and, in the spring, it is possible to enjoy the flowering of the "Bertoloni violet". Along gentle ups and downs you will be crossing an environment marked by short hazel shrubs and then you reach a windy saddleback, which connects the valley of the Rio Crovi with the one of Rio dei Campi.
The trail wends its way through large pastures, over gentle slopes and goes around Mount Taccone, climbing again up to a small hill: continuing below the hill, you quickly reach the Mezzano Pass (1066m) where the signpost of Upper Route of Monti Liguri leads to the Piani di Praglia. From here, still walking at high altitude, you reach N.S. della Guardia in a couple of hours, the most important Marian shrine of Liguria: built on the summit of Mount Figogna at 804m, it forms part of the territory of Ceranesi at about 20km from Genova.
, 15060 Fraconalto (AL)

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