Km 7,2 / Elevation change - 248
On leaving Chiomonte, the route runs beside the main road for about 800m along a protected path, and is then left at the signpost "Strada del Plans", going to the left along dirt roads and trails, through meadows and woods towards the deep ravine of the Gorge della Dora, which can be glimpsed through the thick vegetation. The route is in constant descent, apart from an occasional short rise, and goes close to the cliffs of the Gorge above which, on the opposite side, can be seen the villages of Giaglione silhouetted against the sky and the Rocciamelone mountain.
At this point, having crossed the territory of Gravere, the trail gently descends into the woods, revealing here and there the paved road of the probable Via delle Gallie that leads to the incomparable entry into Susa through the elegant Augustan Arch (8BC), next to the remains of the Roman aqueduct (3rd century AD) built on the rocks of a Celtic altar. In this area there is a fountain with exceptionally cold water, even in the summer, and is an important refilling point for those taking the route towards France. A little further down stands the majestic Porta Savoia on the medieval walls to the west of the city, from where started the road towards the "Gaul lands".
, 10050 Chiomonte (TO)

45.1177836, 6.9834046