Km 5,8 / Elevation change +10
Crossing the bridge over the Dora Baltea, a dirt road leads to Saluggia. Originally a Roman settlement and then, in the Middle Ages, profiting from the fishing rights and ferry payments, it is now best known for an excellent product: the "Saluggia bean", highly prized for the typical "panissa", a traditional dish well worth sampling. During the Renaissance, the aristocratic family Mazzetti held sway, traces of whose 16th century castle are still to be found in the present day Town Hall. The Church of San Grato, built in the 16th century and altered several times thereafter, holds the statue of the Dead Christ, perhaps coming from the ancient parish church of the Old Cemetery which was destroyed by flooding in the 15th century.
, 10037 Torrazza Piemonte (TO)

45.2185285, 7.9749386