Km 6,9 / Elevation change - 5
On leaving Saluggia the route leads to Lamporo whose name derives from the Amporium irrigation ditch that, even now – a unique sight that has remained unchanged by the wishes of the residents – spans the length of the whole town and at whose ends is crossed by two little churches: local legend has it that one of these, the Madonna di Loreto (17th century), on moonless nights, is the home to the witch Giunghiglia who, sitting on the roof smoking an enormous pipe, scares off passers-by. The Church of San Bernardo da Mentone, built in 1566 and altered several times, contains an 18th century reliquary of the saint, made in Torino. In the 14th century Lamporo was a fiefdom of the Ghibelline family Tizzoni and, towards the end of the 17th century, of the noble Pastoris family.
, 13040 Saluggia (VC)

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