Km 5 / Elevation change - 119
is the Roman mansio ad octavum, located near the Bastone Farmhouse, where once stood the Church of Santa Maria de Strata: the moraine hill acts as a backdrop to the trail of the via ad Galliam which was testified by a mansio and a necropolis emerging from archaeological excavations.
However, the ancient Rivoli surrounds the high land dominated by an 11th century fortress which, over the years, has been renovated and enlarged, especially in the Baroque period owing to the work done by the court architect Filippo Juvarra: his grand project for a Savoy residence remained unfinished but the Castle has nonetheless housed the Museum of Contemporary Art since 1984, an important venue of international exhibitions and events. The town still has many elements recalling the sumptuous Savoy period, such as the House of the Green Count, home of Amadeus VI of Savoy, and the Route of France, an important route into the capital Torino. Rivoli was also the place where a toll was exacted for going up to the transalpine crossings.
, 10098 Rivoli (TO)

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