Natural Park
Very interesting as regards geology, nature and wildlife, the area of the Five Lakes of Serra d’Ivrea - one of the most beautiful of Canavese - offers the opportunity to be surrounded by greenery while going on foot, by bike or on horseback along the paths that connect these moraine basins: San Michele at Ivrea, Campagna at Cascinette d’Ivrea, Sirio between Ivrea and Chiaverano, Pistono at Montalto Dora and Nero between Montalto Dora and Borgofranco d’Ivrea, all surrounded by hills providing unforgettable colours in every season.
Lake Campagna is an oasis of green and peace: from the rocks of Castellazzo and along the path around its shore (purple) there is a splendid view of San Giuseppe Castle, the Mombarone, the Serra and Chiaverano.
The best known and largest is Lake Sirio, equipped for swimming and thus a popular destination of tourists in the summer. The loop route (green) runs in two variants that lead to the Roman Aqueduct and the “Terre Ballerine”, a former peat bog with a flexible terrain that bounces beneath your feet.
The circuit around Lake Pistono (orange) winds through vineyards and chestnut woods under the watchful eye of Montalto Dora Castle: also from here can be reached the “Terre Ballerine”, while the “May Variant” leads to one of the most interesting viewing positions of the AMI.
Also Lake Nero, whose mysterious and wild allure has given rise to many legends, offers a circular path (blue): along the way will be seen gravestones, an ’erratic’ boulder and the “Fisherman’s House”.
Lastly, the Maresco di Bienca circuit (pink) which runs alongside a lake basin used in Roman times to carry water from the hill to Ivrea: the remains of the Roman aqueduct are still visible.
Via Lago Sirio, 10015 Ivrea (TO)

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