The first two routes were opened on these rock faces back in the 1970s and are mainly for aid climbing (Urlo della vecchia and Deltaplano). In the 80s and 90s, a range of other routes was opened, making the Bourcet Valley a very popular centre for rock climbing, with tracks at levels of difficulty midway between training walls and mountain.

In the Valley, it is possible to climb for three seasons excluding winter when the rock faces are completely in the shade. The Deltaplano, Sperone Ross and Sole d'Autunno sectors are an exception since, as long as there is no snow, they can be climbed even in winter.

To get to the site, go up the Val Chisone along the main Sestriere road SS 23 until reaching the village of Roreto (Roure Municipality). On reaching the last pedestrian crossing in the village, turn left into a narrow alley and cross the bridge over the Chisone river, and then park your car. Continuing along the dirt road going up the valley, after 10 minutes' walking you reach a spring and then an isolated smooth rock face on the right margin of the road. 80 metres after that there is the track that, rising to the right into the woods, leads to the Parete del Deltaplano and the climbing routes Sex-Gate, Volo di Farfalla and Sole d'Autunno. Continuing along the path, shortly afterwards you will reach an area where it goes past a large rock face (the climbing routes Per Elisa, Voci di primavera, Grido di Pietra and short-rope climbing). A short way ahead, after a slight bend in the trail, you reach the foot of Spigolo Grigio and Via degli Strapiombi.

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