Ceresole Reale. Pristine Nature in the Pearl of the Gran Paradiso National Park

Alpine Pearls – for over 10 years the name for first-class quality when it comes to “soft mobility” in the Alps!

The small mountain village Ceresole Reale in Piedmont, surrounded by massive mountain peaks, next to a crystal-clear lake, which reflects the spectacular mountains – this place is one big playground of nature’s finest.
All year round, leisure seekers, mountaineers and nature lovers delight in fun-filled activities alongside chamois, eagles, marmots, and ibex frolicking in the mountains. It’s a paradise for alpinists, mountaineers and endurance athletes.
Ceresole Reale is where passionates go to get their fix of hiking, climbing, trekking, biking, cross-country skiing or ski touring. And after a satisfying day in the outdoors, traditional local food awaits to help you recharge your batteries with delicious, typical meals of the area.
A perfect blend of sustainable adventure, simplicity and deliciousness!