GPR - Giroparco Gran Paradiso

Tipo attività outdoor

On the ancient Royal Hunting Roads: thanks to this hiking route you can experience the excitement of the stretches at high altitude, from where you can enjoy the scenic views of the Orco and Soana Valleys.

A large part of the route covers the old Royal Hunting Roads established in the mid 20th century by the Savoys to connect the five "Royal Hunting Lodges" within the Reserve, which would become in 1922 Italy's first National Park. With a constant incline of around 8/10%, passing enchanting dry stone walls and paved stretches, they had to ensure the royal court easy access along ridable routes to the rest houses. This itinerary also covers some high altitude stretches giving us a wide view over the breathtaking landscapes of the Orco and Soana Valleys, highly esteemed landscape and environmental heritage.

Piemonte Outdoor
Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso
Accessible for disabled people: No
Accessible with public transport: No
Useful information
Classification: Provinciale con sviluppo di alta montagna
Devotional interest: No
Historical interest: Yes
Recommended period: giugno, luglio, agosto, settembre

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