San Mauro - Superga

Tipo attività outdoor

Starting from the fascinating centre of San Mauro, you will walk along dirt roads and hairpin bends in the woods. At the end of the hiking trail, you will find yourself in front of the impressive Basilica of Superga, an iconic site of Turin.

The route starts from the Piazzale Europa on the right bank of the Po, enters the historic center of San Mauro and begins to climb the Rio Ciumiss. Go along Via Matteotti and, leaving the last houses, you reach the clearing of the "Tre Ri" where the asphalt ends. After crossing the river with a bridge the path becomes a dirt road and steep with some hairpin bends in a beautiful oak and ash wood reaching the Casina Ciabot very soon. It starts to rise again and at a bend that leads to the right to Cascina Feissola (name assigned to the whole area and linked to the cultivation of strawberries) take a path to the left uphill. This section is known as the Path of the Stones for the presence of monoliths of various dimensions that the erosion brought to light and which were originally incorporated within the marine sediments of the tertiary that form the hill. At the end of a stretch in a decisive climb in the woods (spring blooms of primroses, dog's teeth, anemones etc.) the path becomes more flat and, beyond the deep valley on the left, you can see the rock of the Bric Rocca and the township Tetti Bertoglio. When you reach a crossroads, leave the TOC061 path to the left to continue past a hairpin bend and another flat stretch to a new fork. Keep the left going up a rustic staircase until you reach the ridge. After crossing a wood of downy oaks you reach Bric Giardin (550 m) with its characteristic 5-trunk oak. You keep the ridge with some ups and downs and, after crossing the junction with the GTC, you continue straight uphill then bending slightly to the right and following a fence on the ridge. At a crossroads, leave the path on a level on the right and the short you get to the pitch at the back of the Basilica of Superga a few steps from where the plane of the "Grande Torino" crashed on May 4, 1949. Following the avenue to the left you can quickly reach the square of the Basilica with a splendid view of the Alps and the city of Turin.

Piemonte Outdoor
Ente di Gestione delle Aree Protette del Po e della Collina Torinese
Accessible for disabled people: No
Accessible with public transport: Yes
Notes on accessibility with public transport: San Mauro è servito da numerose linee urbane (61) ed extraurbane del trasporto pubblico (
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Classification: Locale o di prossimità
Devotional interest: No
Historical interest: No
Recommended period: Tutto l'anno

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