Departure: Bardonecchia - Gleise
Elevation change: 1250 m
A route with departure recommended from the village of Gleise (1600m), but which is also possible from the centre of Bardonecchia (1350m). From Gleise begins the dirt road which passes through various villages until the junction for Decauville/Bacini/Jafferau Hotel, where you start by taking the right and, after about 200 metres, turns left, starting a series of sharp hairpin bends that lead to Fort Foens. The slope decreases for a while, you ignore the road downhill towards Savoulx, and continue on the slopes of Monte Seguret, with a view of the large caves, until Col Basset where the Valfredda begins. From here, the final bends lead to the summit of Jafferau, on which is the fort of the same name. The descent can be by taking the same route or along steep trails next to the ski slopes, which lead more directly to the Jafferau hotel.
100% dirt road
, 10052 Bardonecchia (TO)

45.078767, 6.7042869