Difficulty: 5+ / 8c
Length: 30 minuti (45 minuti per i bambini)
The site is split into three main sectors, with more than 200 climbing sequences on clean and marked quartzite:

- Rifugio: which includes all the boulders from "I Coloniali" through to "Minimalista".
- Distilleria: this is the sector above the Rifugio which includes the boulders between "Distilleria" and "Puma Cave".
- Marziano: this is the sector most to the side of the area and includes the boulders between "La Sentinella" and "La Pera".

The Levi is an ideal spot for families and for the simple pleasures of bouldering.

Località Grange della Valle, 10050 Exilles (TO)

45.099820825958, 6.8994140625