OFFROAD a unique experience

OFFROAD” is a project to maximise enjoyment of the Susa and Chisone Valleys from which can be reached all the most panoramic and spectacular vantage points of the area by taking the network of old military dirt roads which wind through the valleys, plateaus, villages and pastures.


Since ancient times, Val Susa has been a preferential access route to the Po Valley and Italy for those coming from the West: the Montgenèvre and Mont Cenis passes have seen armies, travellers, merchants, kings and pilgrims pass through. The strategic importance of this access is also shown by the many military works carried out from the 18th century to the present day, with imposing testimonies that have come down to us: for example, a network of high-altitude roads, necessary for the movement of troops serving at the forts, outposts, barracks, mallets and observation posts that face each other at altitudes always above 2000 m, in some cases touching 3000 m. 

Today, these roads are an historical, scenic and environmental heritage that can be enjoyed by different types of hikers, who travel them on foot, by bicycle, on horseback, by car or motorbike.

The Assietta and Pramand roads, the Colle del Sommeiller, the Monti della Luna trails, and the Valle Argentera are the backdrop for this journey, over hundreds of kilometres through the Val Susa and Val Chisone.

WARNING. Some sections of the route are subject to specific regulations for transit by motor vehicles, closure days and tolls. Before travelling, we recommend that you consult the regulations in force by scanning the QR Code. Always keep carefully to the main route without making detours or cutting across non-passable slopes outside the main carriageway.

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