Jafferau - Oulx

Journey time 9 hours
35 Km of paved road 165 Km of dirt road 200 Km in total

This 200 km route goes along the military roads of the Bardonecchia basin and leads to one of the highest points of the entire network of military roads in Val Susa. Starting from Sestriere, the route goes to Colle Basset (2424m) which offers a beautiful view of Val Chisone below and of Monte Ambin (3378m). The descent to Sauze d’Oulx continues along dirt roads.
On reaching Oulx, a paved road leads to Salbertrand, where a carriageway accessible from Ecluase leads up to the Forte Foens - Colle Basset dirt road through the Saracen tunnel. From here, up to Forte dello Jafferau (2800m) from where a narrow, steep path descends to Bar Belvedere and the tarmac road to Bardonecchia.
It is therefore necessary to go back in a southerly direction, alongside Forte del Foens and descend towards Bardonecchia where the dirt road ends. From here, Colle del Sommeiller (3000m) can be reached by taking a dirt road along Vallone di Rochemolles. From Bardonecchia the main itinerary continues with a climb up a dirt road to Colle del Colomion, passing alongside Forte Bramafam, followed by a descent to Puys from which can be reached Beaulard.
The road on the valley floor leads back to Oulx and a climb to the peaceful villages of Pierremenaud, Soubras and Amazas. Getting back onto tarmac, the route returns to Sestriere going along the road that crosses Cesana Torinese.