Storie di Uomini e di Montagne: il Vallone del Roc

escursione naturalistica
Place of departure

10080 Noasca


Patrizia Peinetti- Guida Ambientale Escursionistica- Guida Ufficiale del Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso- cell. 3404106172 email

This is a famous path on the Piedmont side of the Gran Paradiso National Park, which takes place on a beautiful Nature Trail. In addition to observing the fauna and flora typical of the mid-mountain, the route has among its most evident features the large number of ancient alpine settlements. These villages, now abandoned, were once inhabited all year round and equipped with all the essential facilities for a Spartan self-sufficiency. It will therefore be a journey into the life and traditions that animated these places until the last century.

Difference in altitude 500 m in total .The Itinerary takes place on good paths with various sections of constant ascent and steep sections both uphill and downhill. Appropriate clothing and hiking gear are required.

Info and reservations by writing to by October 28th

Meeting place
Noasca (Orco Valley- Turin)
Where the activity takes place
Gran Paradiso National Park
Length of activity
5, 5 hours without considering rest times
Price (€)
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