Patrizia Peinetti

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Nature guides or environmental excursion guides
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Alpi dell'Alta Val Susa
Gran Paradiso
Ivrea e Canavese
Pinerolo e Valli Valdesi
Valli di Lanzo
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I have been an Environmental Hiking Guide since 1998 and an Official Gran Paradiso Guide since 2001. I organize naturalistic and trekking excursions throughout the Piedmont region with particular attention to natural values and how to transmit them to the people I accompany. My activities privilege the cultural aspect and well-being over the mere sporting aspect of the excursions, so for the most part these activities are suitable for people of all ages and physical preparation. I am also interested in enhancing the Historical Routes by accompanying people on the Via Francigena and in naturalistic areas little known by the general public. Since spring 2019 I also have the qualification of Official Guide of the Geopark of Val Sesia and Val Grande. I work with both individuals and associations, organizations and tour operators and I also organize environmental education activities for schools and associations.

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Indirizzo Completo
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