Briançon - Risoul - Izoard

Journey time 81\2 hours
175 Km of paved road 125 Km of dirt road 300 Km in total

This nearly 300km long route, almost entirely in France, enables discovering the area situated to the south of Briançon. Starting from Sestriere, the route passes from Colle del Monginevro to Briançon and, from here, continues along the climb to Colle dell’Izoard (2361m): the following descent through Arvieux leads to Guillestre. The route continues by climbing a dirt road up to Risoul (1850m) where Colle di Cherine (2270m) can be reached at Homme di Pierre. From here the view is spectacular: a compass rose pinpoints the many peaks, including the Monviso, and five different valleys can be seen converging on Guillestre, dominated by Pic St. Andre (2857m).
The route descends along the Le Charbonnieres Valley to St. Andre de Embrun where there is a paved road again. Back on the right side of the Durance Valley, the route goes along this slope, alternating pleasant sections of dirt road with short paved parts, going through Ponteil, Fressinieres, Colle di Anon, Colle della Pousterle, Sape until reaching Briançon and returning to Sestriere.