Oulx - Assietta

Journey time 9 hours
50 Km of paved road 141 Km of dirt road 191 Km in total

Starting from Susa, take the main provincial road (SP 172) which goes up to Meana di Susa until reaching the Colletto where a dirt road begins climbing up to Colle delle Finestre (2176m). From here begins perhaps the most famous military road, the Strada dei 2000 (SP 173): created towards the end of the 19th century, it starts from Pian dell’Alpe and arrives at Colle dell’Assietta. Going along the crest acting as a watershed between Val Susa and Val Chisone, after about 40km along gravel, this road comes to Colle del Sestriere.
The first stretch, from Pian dell’Alpe to Colle dell’Assietta, runs along the south side, with views of Monte Albergian and the distant Sestriere. Having gone past Colle and Testa dell’Assietta, the road continues towards Monte Genevrìs, touching on the Batteria del Gran Mouttas and the Batteria Gran Costa. The road continues past the hills Lauson, Blegier and Bourget. Having reached Colle Basset (2424m), the descent begins towards Sestriere.
Descending further beyond Cesana Torinese, in the direction of Oulx, it is possible to take a detour on a dirt road to cross the villages of Amazas and Soubras and reach Cotolivier. Going back to the paved road and having passed Oulx, the route skirts Exilles and finally arrives at Chiomonte.
Afterwards, going along a lovely dirt road through a dense wood of chestnuts, the route climbs towards Pian del Frais, a ski resort located at 1490m where paved road is available again to reach Piangelassa. Lastly, with a descent along a dirt track through the villages of Deveis and Bastia, the return is made to Susa.