Valle Chisone - Colle della Vaccera

Journey time 6 hours
152 Km of paved road 61 Km of dirt road 213 Km in total

A route of two hundred kilometres for discovering the Chisone Valley and Pinerolese.
From Sestriere take the right-hand side of the valley along a pleasant dirt road which rejoins a paved road at Pourrieres, from where the paved road climbs to Pian dell’Alpe followed by a section along a southern facing dirt road.
A detour will climb to Colle delle Finestre where there is a glorious view of the valleys Susa and Chisone and the massif of Rocciamelone. Descending again northwards, a detour can be taken along a dirt road to reach the Rifugio Selleries and then, returning to the main route, it is possible to go down to Fenestrelle. Not to be missed here is a visit to Fenestrelle Fort, the site of important historic events. A descent along a paved road leads to Pomaretto and then a dirt road climbs to Colle di Lazzara descending again to Pramollo with a further climb to Colle della Vaccera where, along various dirt roads, Torre Pellice is reached. Return to Sestriere on the paved road along the valley floor.