Departure: Claviere - Ufficio Turistico
Elevation change: 90 m
From the Claviere Tourist Information Office, take the main road downhill to Cesana Torinese. After about 500m take the path on the right. Follow the path downhill for about 500 metres until the bridge that leads to Sagnalonga, go left for about 150 metres, turn left, go straight on until reaching the point of access to the Gorge of San Gervasio, where there is a long Tibetan (rope) bridge. Take the same route back until the bridge, turn left immediately afterwards along the river and go along the dirt road to the Claviere Sports Centre. Turn right and rejoin the main road of Claviere, returning to the point of departure.
Maximum altitude 1780m.
, 10050 Claviere (TO)

44.9387974, 6.7503354