The Strada delle Mele

The Strada delle Mele (Apple Road) is a route that can be travelled by bicycle, on foot and on horseback through the Pinerolo countryside, passing bucolic landscapes and farms producing apples, apricots, plums, peaches, kiwis and small fruits.

Fourteen municipalities are involved in this initiative.

Here are eight promotional videos dedicated to the municipalities crossed by the Strada delle Mele: Bibiana, Bricherasio, Campiglione Fenile, Cavour, Cumiana, Frossasco, Garzigliana, Luserna San Giovanni, Lusernetta, Macello, Osasco, Pinerolo, Prarostino and San Secondo di Pinerolo.

There are also many castles and historical residences located along the Strada delle Mele.

An excellent idea to add a new stage to the discovery of Torino and its surroundings.

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