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Turin is the greenest city in Italy: its green heart is the Valentino Park touched by the river Po. Enjoying this glimpse of the city directly from its river is certainly a great experience. Being able to enjoy this experience in the company of expert guides, also doing fun, healthy and affordable activities for all, has always been the mission of the Association, since its birth. The two founding members, Cristina and Jaka, world-class and Olympic athletes (she has taken part in 5 Olympics, has been awarded world titles in kayak slalom, has been European Champion and has a world medal), have chosen simple, safe and fun boats to share their passion for water, boas that are suitable for families, groups but also school groups and disabled people.
For groups there is no better solution than the Dragon Boat, with a drum and twenty paddles: it is a long boat with a dragon’s head and tail, which will allow to experience the thrill of sailing along the waters of the Po.
For smaller groups that do not reach the number of 20 participants, the Association has multiple 5-6 seater canoes, kayaks, canoe-rafts, as well as qualified guides of course.
Being in company, a bit of competition and adrenaline, will render the experience on the river unique and unforgettable.
For groups with at least a dozen participants, it is possible to organize trips and excursions near Turin (Villafranca Piemonte, Ivrea), on canoe-rafts, or smaller self-managed rafting boats in very beautiful settings, surrounded by nature .... also for school groups!

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