Ponte Tibetano Sergio Bompard (il ponte sospeso più lungo del mondo)

Tipo attività outdoor

Not a common Via Ferrata but a very long suspension bridge built with steel ropes. 478 meters thanks to which it has won the title of longest Tibetan bridge in the world.


A32 motorway from Turin Oulx Est exit, follow signs up to Cesana Torinese Claviere, park before the village, at the campsite and Disco Pub just after the roundabout (ignore the gallery).


Climb a few meters along the trail, reaching a small church on the hill adjacent to the camping, so again on the path towards the bottom of the gorge, you reach the house, which marks the starting point of the bridge.
The first part is formed by an auxiliary bridge of about 70 mt. that through the throat allows reach its opposite bank, then an even suspended walkway, which runs parallel to the wall, the entrance leads to the main deck, from now on is a must go on and we can not go back and begins path of 408 meters of the bridge without any escape route. The walkway runs along the stream at a height of about 25 mt., Towering high limestone walls, surmounted by a wonderful larch forest. The environment is particularly impressive and sometimes even oppressive. In the last part the throat divides Y and the bridge ends on the left branch upstream of a majestic waterfall, a path equipped with side shields, goes up the side of the throat; on the path there are two balconies to admire the Gorge of San Gervasio. Now move towards the tourist trail, and after a few meters, reached the first balcony, take a new suspension bridge with a length of 90 meters, with the difference from the previous that the ride height and more than 90 meters. crossed to the parking place.

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