Rocca Clari Mario Perona Aldo Saglia

Tipo attività outdoor

An adventurous Tibetan bridge that descends into the Gorge and stretches over three sectors.


A32 motorway from Turin Oulx Est exit, follow signs up to Cesana Torinese Claviere, park before the village, at the campsite and Disco Pub just after the roundabout (ignore the gallery).


The start of the ferrata can be reached, leaving the car in the village of Claviere, go to the cable car, take the end of the Tibetan bridge at the bunker and go down into the Gorge following the boardwalks and the river, until you reach the 'start of the ferrata on the right indicated with obvious sign.

The via ferrata is composed of three areas:

1) steep slope on the edge of a limestone blade.

2) sideways to the left through paths, grassy ledges, scree.

3) climb the end rocks of Rocca Clari . The first half presents a climb rather uneven, poorly equipped; the second half, more upright and with more steps, following the spur and air passages and exposed left and right of that corner after crossing a small gully to reach the flat summit of the Rocca Clari.


Return to the path and then road through town La Coche crossing at Claviere.

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