Vallone di Bourcet Nicola Ciardelli

Tipo attività outdoor

One of the most demanding, but at the same time most satisfactory, via ferratas in Piedmont. It requires a good athletic preparation and is not suitable for inexperienced people or children.


From Turin to Pinerolo A55, you go up the Val Chisone, after Perosa Argentina to Roreto Chisone (Roure) (m. 854) park on the left of the state square (fountain).


From the parking lot, embarked on the right the dirt road (sign), you enter the valley of Bourcet reaching the streets of climbing, overcome them after you come to the signpost and the pole that signal right at the path start.

The ferrata begins with a long and demanding vertical plate in several steps you need to put your feet gripped.

It follows a longer and easier sideways, partly using natural ledges you reach the Tibetan bridge.

After the bridge is facing a difficult vertical slab, cross to the right and ends with a pass in a natural ravine. You reach the final vertical pillar, very exposed and very tough and passed the climbing path ends with an end portion, in which there are some challenging sections (cairns, warning sign).


You get to the path that comes out in a clearing in the woods, some traces of blue signs lead to the right into the woods and almost immediately go right down (hard to find) go down in the woods to the start of the path which is partly equipped with chains (outputs from climbing routes, be careful if it is wet) on the trail that leads first and then to the left, in the village and the car park.

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