Walking in Summer

Walking: we have discovered how beautiful it is to walk in the streets, the boulevards, the parks of our cities.

But above all we have rediscovered the freedom of walking in nature; this is the real pleasure of summer 2020!


The territory surrounding Turin is the right place for all outdoor lovers, in the plain as well as in the hills but especially in the mountains, which offers unforgettable experiences: the blue of its skies and waters, the green of the meadows, the pastures and the woods, the white of the glaciers, the gray of ancient villages and rainbows of flowers ... there are trails and itineraries for everyone!


Summer here is a real celebration: the season offers innumerable activities for lovers of sports, together with relax and fun for families, especially for children: flowers, animals, adventures, curiosities, perfumes, colours... here there is all the space you want, all you need is some time!

To see the official itineraries of the Piedmont Hiking Network click here.


In the following section there is a selection of walks provided by municipalities and by our partners.
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