Itinerari Strada dei Vigneti Alpini

Once upon a time ... long long time ago, before the administrative borders between nations and regions determined territories, the land of Torino, Valle d'Aosta and Savoia were deeply connected. On both sides of the Alps vines were grown and exchanged following the flow of merchants and travelers.


The common history of the wine-growers, the unique and precious landscape of the vineyards clinging to the slopes now become the starting points for exploring the three regions with a new outlook, which already offer visitors many cultural, natural and sporting attractions.

Discover new wine tourism routes on the two sides of the Western Alps; follow thematic itineraries by bike, on foot, with your car on board a mini-bus... in search of the special features of the territories from an oenological, gastronomic, geographical, historical and cultural point of view.


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