Mountain for All

Montagna per Tutti ... Starts again in the Spring

Spring has finally arrived and Montagna per Tutti, the initiative that has animated the Lanzo Valleys for seven years, is about to start again, with new, not-to-be-missed sporting events for all.

The programme coordinated by the Consorzio Operatori Turistici Valli di Lanzo (Lanzo Valleys Tourist Operators Consortium) this year will include some of the leading events of the Lanzo Valleys, Ceronda and Casternone and will support local towns in the creation of special events with the important goal of sharing the riches and the values of the region.

There are 5 events overall namely the  Val della Torre Alpine Marathon on 15 April the opening of the  shroud routes at Ala di Stura on 29 April; a special bike weekend open to all on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May at La Cassa; the “Camminata per i Santuari della Fede” (Religious Sanctuaries Walk) a hike between Lanzo Torinese and Pessinetto that covers the sanctuaries of  Sant’Ignazio at Pessinetto and Madonna di Loreto at Lanzo on Saturday 12 May and finally on Sunday 20 May at Lemie there is the opening of the shroud route celebrating the passing of  Saint Sindone for the Viù Valley.

The magic of the Mountain of the Lanzo Valleys is waiting for you... don't miss out!

Created with the support of Regione Piemonte.

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