Mountain for All

Mountain for all, 16 events in the Lanzo Valleys aiming to overcome diversity.

The Lanzo, Ceronda and Casternone Valleys strongly believe that, despite some of the classic mountain activities aren’t accessible to everybody, mountain accessibility should always be granted to everyone. This is the philosophy behind Mountain for All (Montagna per Tutti) events, which are a set of events accessible to all and taking place in the Lanzo Valleys area.

This is because the mountain shouldn’t only be the setting of epic challenges or breath-taking adventures, but a place that belongs to everybody. Mountain for All offers a wide range of sport activities accessible to everybody: family members, friends, hobbyist, professionals, people with disabilities, etc. Here, then, is what the Municipalities and Pro Locos are preparing: snowshoe walks, runs, winter activities, all designed for an ease fruition and addressed to everybody; families with babies, elderly and people with disabilities included.

Everything is being organised with the support of the Lanzo Valleys Consortium of the Touristic Operators. The featured activities are going to be nocturnal or diurnal hikes and snowshoe walks. And if the snow will be lacking, there will be many alternative solutions that will make everyone fall in love with the Lanzo Valleys mountains. The charm of the Lanzo Valleys mountains is ready to make you fall in the love with its activities for all.

The magic of the Mountain of the Lanzo Valleys is waiting for you... don't miss out!

Created with the support of Regione Piemonte.