The President of the Piedmont Region, Alberto Cirio, signed ordinance number 64 of May 27th, which states that from Friday May 29th until midnight on Tuesday June 2nd, except for different regulations established by the Mayors relating to their own municipal territory, there is the obligation to wear a mask in all outdoor public places within the regional territory, but only in residential areas and in shopping areas.

The obligation does not apply to children under the age of six, to people with disabilities or with pathologies not compatible with the continuous use of personal protective equipment. It will also not be mandatory to wear a mask while practicing sports and motor activities.

On the other hand, regarding restaurant activities, the regulations established in the guidelines of the national Protocol signed between the Regions and the Government continue to be valid in public food service activities. Therefore, wearing a mask is not mandatory for those who are sitting at tables, whether inside the premises or in outdoor areas.

Ordinance of the Mayor: suspension of alcohol sales from 7pm
On May 28-29-30, the sale of alcohol is suspended starting at 7pm.
The businesses selling alcohol (as well as other types of activities indicated in the ordinance) must close at 1 am the following day. The areas concerned and the additional measures foreseen can be consulted in trade union ordinance no. 65.


There are two additions to the new ordinance issued by President Alberto Cirio in force from May 23rd to June 14th:

- obligation to wear a mask on all premises of the shopping centers, including parking lots and play areas;

- latest closing time for cafés and restaurants is one o’clock in the morning, leaving the Mayor the possibility to introduce further restrictions or particular procedures of administration (as done by the Municipality of Turin) if the need to do so arises so as to avoid the creation of crowds.

The ordinance continues with the regulations contained in the one issued on May 18, cited hereafter.


The President of the Region, Alberto Cirio, has signed the ordinance with the schedule of REOPENINGS in Piedmont, which will be valid until May 24, 2020.

From Monday May 18:
- museums, archives and libraries
- other accommodation facilities still closed
- all retail stores

The following are also allowed:
- outdoor individual sports
- lessons with an instructor

From Wednesday May 20:
- the markets of non-food stalls return

From Saturday May 23:
- cafes, restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias, self-service facilities, pubs, bakeries, ice cream parlors, rotisseries and other food service activities (the takeaway service is still allowed with extended hours from 6am to 10 pm; remote booking becomes preferable but no longer mandatory). To ensure the safety and limitation of contagion from Covid-19, the reopening of all activities must take place in compliance with the regulations established in the Guidelines for the reopening of Economic and Productive Activities..

Other regulations contained in the ordinance include:

- the obligation to use suitable protective respiratory devices

in closed places accessible to the public, including means of transportation, and in all places and on all occasions where it is not possible to continuously guarantee the fulfilment of safe distancing, except for children under the age of six, for people with disabilities or with conditions not compatible with the continuous use of personal protective equipment


Find out about the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of May 17, 2020 signed by President Conte containing the measures for the limitation of the epidemiological emergency due to Covid-19 in force since May 18.