Dive into a sea of suggestions for staying 'cool' during the hot summer in Torino and its province. City swimming pools, lakes, rivers and cool waterfalls will provide you with oases of relaxation during the week and at weekends, throughout the summer season.



Summer is off to a good start with the reopening of many swimming pools in Torino and the province: thrilling slides, but also pools and attractions for the little ones, from the parks in the heart of Torino at an altitude of 2000 metres to Sestriere.


Moby Dick, in Pino Torinese, guarantees fun and relaxation for everyone: wellness area, breathtaking slides, Olympic-size pool and children's area. The Glicini Summer swimming pools await you with games, activities, sun and pools for adults and children. The Sestriere Pool, with two 25-metre pools, bio sauna and wellness treatments, combines the desire to relax in water with mountain air: a perfect location to admire the Sestriere skyline. Anthares World Piscina, near Lake Candia, surrounded by greenery, offers you an oasis of wellbeing just a stone's throw from nature. 


Fancy a safari-style adventure, just a stone's throw from the city? ZOOM is a true adventure between Asia and Africa, immersed in 10 different habitats including swimming pools, beaches, and lots of nature experiences with animals such as lions, hippos, giraffes, monkeys and penguins. Swim in the pool next to the African penguins at Bolder Beach or the family of hippos at Malawi Beach.


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Enchanting lakes and lake resorts in the province of Torino for a relaxing day in the cool of the day. Here are some of our lakes, see the complete list at this link.

Avigliana Lakes

A popular destination for nature and water sports lovers. The beach offers an ideal space for sunbathing and relaxing, while the lake waters invite you to try your hand at sports such as canoeing or relaxing in the lake establishments. 

Lake Candia 

A true hidden gem, surrounded by green hills and forests, in the heart of the Canavese region. Superbly photographed views and a quiet, intimate atmosphere, ideal for relaxing and enjoying a sunny day. The lake facilities offer rental services for a pleasant break from the city.

Lake Sirio

Located in the Alpine region between the municipalities of Chiaverano and Ivrea, in the northern part of the Anfiteatro Morenico, Lake Sirio, of glacial origin, is a bathing lake. Of the five lakes in the area, it is the only one fed by a spring and is the largest. Its clean waters and bathing stations equipped with water sports rentals, restaurants and a beach make it a pleasant attraction throughout the summer.


Don't miss the mountain lakes, nestled between the Alps and valleys, such as:

  • Lake Ceresole, in the Gran Paradiso National Park
  • Lake Laux in Usseaux, TCI Orange Village 
  • Lake Rochemolles and the Argentera Valley
  • Lake Orfù, a stone's throw from the Gran Bosco di Salbertrand in Upper Susa Valley 
  • Lake Malciaussia in the Lanzo Valleys



In winter the snow and the expanses of ice, in summer the streams and the leaps into the void of scenic waterfalls: Gran Paradiso, Valle Argentera, Valchiusella and beyond. Be amazed by scenic surprises during trekking and biking itineraries or ask the nature and hiking guides for help on where to go. New! New guide booking service throughout the province.

Among the most beautiful waterfalls:

Cascata di Noasca: this is a very romantic waterfall. It is located in the municipality of Noasca, in Val d'Orco, and is surrounded by lush vegetation. Its special feature? You can take a memorable photo behind the waterfall.

The Fondo Waterfall is the highest waterfall in the province of Torino. It is located in the municipality of Fondo, in Valchiusella, and is 100 metres high.


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