EXTRA VERMOUTH - the hour of Vermouth di Torino, aromas and flavours to savour.

Choose a Vermouth di Torino, imagine it fresh at the right temperature, taste it on its own or in a cocktail, savour it in combination with local recipes and products, revisited in a modern key.
From tradition a novelty to be tasted!

EXTRA Vermouth is not just a tasting, it is a ritual, a unique experience. A gastronomic pleasure and, at the same time, a didactic opportunity to discover the aromatised wine that appeared at the end of the 18th century at the court of the Savoy Family and in the shops of Torino's liquor makers.

The participating establishments will exclusively be using Vermouth di Torino, of which they offer 3 distinctive brands and 5 different types including Extra-Dry, Dry, White, Amber and Red.

Vermouth is served cold, with or without ice, with untreated and organic lemon or orange peel. You can decide to taste three Vermouth di Torino in purity or combine one in purity with a cocktail.

Alongside the real Vermouth di Torino, a selection of typical local products and Piedmontese cuisine, including cheeses and cured meats, anchovies and tomini al verde, Russian salad, vitel tonné and meat all'albese, peppers in bagna càuda, breadsticks... all the way to hazelnuts and gianduiotti: five samples, one of which is sweet, as historical tradition requires.

When: every day

Where: in the many participating establishments

How: reservation is preferred and can be made directly with participating establishments.

Price: € 18,00 per person.

If you are a group, a tour operator, a travel agency or a corporate leisure centre, send an email to promozione@turismotorino.org for special rates.

  • € 18,00
    Full price
    Reservation is preferred and can be made directly with participating establishments.

From 01/01/2023 to 31/01/2025

Every day.