Mountain bike
Departure: Claviere - SS. del Monginevro, tra Cesana Torinese e Claviere
Elevation change: 1000 m
Development: 28 km
Having dropped the car, up until the first hairpin bends to Colle Bercia, the climb is rather easy on the path in good condition. Proceed along the military road built in the 1930s, where there are bends followed by long traverses which cross coniferous forests. Once in Sagna Longa (7.02km on the sign), where there are numerous chalets and an hotel, ignore the detour to Claviere/Val Gimont (7.30 – on the right), the one for Lake Nero (7.50 - on the left), passing the chapel of Madonna della Neve (7.66). The area below is full of shelters and fortifications, built mainly in between the wars. We arrive at the sign for Località Colle Bercia (9.50): the proper hill is higher up and is not included in our itinerary. Ignoring Via Pic de Rochebrune (10.21 - on the left), immediately on the right can be seen the long construction of military housing of Crest Rascià. This is close to the ridge of Punta Rascià. Near  Piazzale Chaberton, we leave Via Colle Bercia (which continues towards Val Gimont and Claviere), keeping to the left (Via Col Saurel - 10.56) and continuing straight on right after (10.62): on the left you can reach the Foiron lakes, the Rifugio Mautino and Lake Nero. The road narrows and becomes uneven. Always keep to the main track while ignoring other side paths. A rock spur is passed on our right (12.13), and you reach Poggio Brusailles, a vantage point for viewing the Val Gimont (12.59). After some ups and downs (note the small lake Saurel on the left), the road runs around the grassy summit of the same name, entering French territory: a sign indicates the boundary and also prohibits transit to motorised vehicles (13.66). Lake Gignoux (2329m) is now near: with a steep descent you reach the shore (14.01). Take the same route made in the outward journey for returing to the point of departure (32.15).
Maximum altitude 2370m.
, 10050 Claviere (TO)

44.9387974, 6.7503354