The Royal Chocolate Time can be a travel through time: taste a Merenda Reale® in the participating historical cafés or in the cafeterias of the Royal Residences.
Choose between a steaming hot chocolate or a Bicerin, presented with the irresistible "bagnati" and other chocolate specialties, or -in summer- the cold bisquit again accompanied by sweet specialties strictly for dipping: torcetti, lingue di gatto, and canestrelli.
Treat yourself to an unforgettable sweet break!

Check out rates and participating historic cafés here below.
If you are a group, a travel agent or a tour operator send an email to to find out special rates.

Considering the persistent health emergency and the resulting transition in the four areas (white, yellow, orange, red ), we inform you that the "Merenda Reale" (Royal Snack) will be available at the participating cafés when table service is allowed (white and yellow area).

  • € 10,00
    Full price
    PRICE for MERENDA REALE 19th century style
  • € 12,00
    Full price
    PRICE for MERENDA REALE 18th century style

From 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2021

    Available every: Saturday, Sunday