The work of Monster Chetwynd (UK, 1973) incorporates elements of folklore, pop culture (both ancient and contemporary), art history, cinema, and literature, in order to produce works that mock hierarchical structures, subvert rules, and invent new rites. Whether they be paintings, sculptures, videos, installations, or actions, her works are invariably imbued with a carnevalesque mockery which Michail Bachtin refers to as “a ritual, syncretistic entertainment form”, that is able to remove differences and boundaries between categories of objects, places, and people. In this sense, the performance element is central to the artist’s practice, as the conceptual and emotional propeller which generates all other expressive means, supports, tools, and fetishes. Alternatively, performance also functions as a remains of a living, participatory action that centers on the body, interaction, and group dynamic.

For her exhibition at the Foundation, the artist presents a new series of large-format paintings, which incorporate sculptural objects from previous performances in dialogue with visual backgrounds of different origin—ancient painting, cinema, illustration. Each work reconfigures fragments of images that
belong to other works, stories, places, and times, according to a logic that recalls bricolage, or do-it-yourself , in the anthropological sense of the term
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