Forts and Castles

The entire territory is dotted with magnificent palaces, noble castles and imposing fortresses.

In addition to the Royal Residences, the ancient ruling dynasties left a legacy of inestimable value, such as Pralormo Castle, the place for flower lovers to be during the “Messer Tulipano” event; Masino Castle which now belongs the FAI (Italian National Trust) and is the setting for the famous “Three days for the Garden”; Ivrea Castle, a 14th century defensive structure built by Amedeo VI of Savoy; Rivara Castle which houses the Centre of Contemporary Art; Malgrà Castle at Rivarolo Canavese; Cavour Castle at Santena, home and resting place of Count Camillo Benso; Miradolo Castle at San Secondo di Pinerolo with its exceptional exhibitions, and much more besides …
Over the centuries, this sub-alpine area was also a place where major fortifications were built. For instance, Exilles Fort in Val Susa, built in 1155 to control the frontier, one of whose most famous prisoners was the mysterious Man in the Iron Mask.
At Bardonecchia there is Fort Bramafam, an example of late 19th century military construction, while Val Chisone has the Fenestrelle Fort, the longest masonry built structure after the Great Wall of China.