Il respiro dell'Inverno

Escursione naturalistica
Place of departure

10080 Ceresole Reale


Informazioni, programma e prenotazioni scrivendo a Patrizia Peinetti, Guida Ufficiale del Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso e Guida Ambientale Escursionistica - email: - cell: 340.4106172

Before Winter comes to close the High Lands of the Gran Paradiso National Park in its grip, this hike will allow us to experience its beauty and silence once again. The little snow that has fallen has largely melted and the Royal mule tracks that run through this area invite us to observe the landscape immersed in the autumn stillness, in its crystalline light. An hike also suitable for observing the fauna of this protected area which is preparing for the most demanding test of the year: that of winter survival.
Uphill difference in height of the excursion about 750 m. - 3 hours of walking for the outward journey and as many for the return journey
Info and reservations by writing to by 29 October

Meeting place
Ceresole Reale
Where the activity takes place
Orco Valley- Gran Paradiso National Park
Length of activity
5 hours without taking into account of the pauses for rest
Booking method
Info and reservations by writing to by 29 October
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