DALLA REGGIA DI VENARIA AL PONTE DEL DIAVOLO A LANZO: Attraverso gli splendidi paesaggi del Parco della mandria fino al Ponte del Diavolo, per rientrare lungo la Corona Verde Stura.

Accompagnamento cicloturistico con biciclette corsa, city-bike, gravel, mountain bike, muscolari e assistite (elettriche)
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The itinerary starts from the main entrance of Parco della Mandria, offering views of both the Reggia di Venaria and the splendid mountain backdrop surrounding the park. Following the internal dirt roads (closed to traffic), winding through ancient forests and lush green meadows, one completely traverses the park, reaching the foot of the mountains.
Here, a highly scenic route leads to the entrance of the Valli di Lanzo, directly to the nature reserve of Ponte del Diavolo near Lanzo (To).
Lunch is arranged right by the banks of the Stura River, on the terrace of a typical trattoria overlooking the bridge, followed by a brief visit to the village of Lanzo.
The return journey on the other side of the Stura River is via the Corona Verde cycling path, always on traffic-free, flat roads that meander along the riverbed, amidst forests and clearings in direct contact with the riverbank, to fully appreciate its biodiversity features (Natura 2000 Network Area).

Meeting place
Green Bridge Entrance - La Mandria Park in Venaria Reale
Where the activity takes place
La Mandria Park - Lanzo - Green Crown Stura
Length of activity
Full day (approximately from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
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Call/Email to Paolo Crosetto
Mobile phone: +39 333 1714499
Email: paolo611@yahoo.it
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