After almost three months of forced closure, the Accorsi-Ometto Museum reopens its halls and its splendid courtyard, in the heart of Turin, with an exhibition of sculptures that pays homage to six great artists of the 20th century, among the major international interpreters of post-war sculpture.
From July 8 to October 11, 2020 visitors can admire the monumental Mercurio (1980s) by Arman, one of the most important exponents of nouveau réalisme; the shiny bronzes Tensione verticale (1963-64) and Sole deposto (1982) by Giò Pomodoro, part of two different production cycles of the artist from the Marche region; the large terracotta Cavalcata interrotta (1990) by Paolo Borghi which well represents his poetics centred on revisiting classical art and investigating myth; the majestic satin steel Asteroide (2017) by Riccardo Cordero, in which the abstract plastic form is placed in dialogue with the surrounding space; the two large bronzes by Igor Mitoraj, Icaro alato (2000) and Luci di Nara pietrificata (2014), which testify to the artist’s postmodern vision; finally Tobiolo (1999), Tartaruga con montagna (2004), Medusa (2005) and Arione con delfino (2008) by Ivan Theimer, four bronze works of different sizes connected by a common element: a solid classical structure that echoes myths, where the human figure and the animal world play with each other in a plastic symbiosis to remind us that we are all part of a unicum.
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From 08/07/2020 to 11/10/2020

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