The Historical Carnival of Ivrea is a unique event, a “vision” that occurs every year bringing tradition, entertainment, excitement and great ideals to the streets and squares of the town, a moment when a mixture of history and legend create a spectacular sequence that crosses and blends the centuries. Filling the city with colours and fragrance is the spectacular Battles of the Oranges, a highly engaging moment of strong emotions commemorating the people’s rebellion against tyranny.
Thursday afternoon: transfer of powers, children’s festival; evening: costume festival and parties of the Aranceri.
Saturday evening: presentation of the Vezzosa Mugnaia, historical parade, parties of the Aranceri. Sunday morning: bean feast, swearing in of the Podestà, Preda in Dora; afternoon: historical parade, Battle of the Oranges; evening: firework display.
Monday morning: planting of the Scarli; afternoon: historical parade on foot, Battle of the Oranges. Tuesday afternoon: historical parade, Battle of the Oranges; evening: burning of the Scarli, funeral of the Carnival.
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Piazza di Città e centro storico, Ivrea (TO)

45.4672834, 7.8800669

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