Stories from Morocco” is the outcome of the collaboration of about twenty Moroccan families of the Bab Sahara Association of Turin and the heads of the Educational Services of the MAO and two curators of the Museo Egizio. It is the final result of a journey that began in the autumn of last year: during numerous meetings and exchanges, the representatives of the two museums and the participants in the project developed a reflection on the idea of memory and cultural heritage, which culminates with the exhibition.
The value of the objects housed in the museums derives from their ability to tell and convey an individual or collective history and memory: the archaeological finds and works on display are in this sense traces of identity and culture.
In the same way, some objects, chosen from among many by those who have left their homes to settle in another country, take on a different value and become vehicles for transmitting a living memory: they constitute the heritage of a material culture.
On the basis of these assumptions, the participants in the project were asked to imagine an ideal museum where they could collect and show their cultural heritage, their identity and the traditions, brought to Italy from Morocco.
The families, and in particular the women, have selected personal objects that bear witness to the memory of their country and, together with the museum staff, have curated the small exhibition paying attention to every detail, from the choice of materials to the layout of the cases to the writing of the captions.
In the passage from the objects to their stories, the material heritage was enriched with a precious immaterial aspect relating to memory and testimony: the material culture and personal memories of the participants thus take shape in many narratives linked to iconic objects.
The theme of the exhibition at the MAO is “dowries and beauty”: among the objects selected by the women of the Bab Sahara association who took part in the project there is a traditional Berber wedding dress, the items used for the hammam ritual and a teapot.

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