The junction point between the Italian and French sides of the Vialattea ski area, Claviere offers an enchanting backdrop of immaculate snow under the severe Chaberton massif that, at 3131 metres, dominates the valley. The ideal place to relax in the facilities created for the well-being of those who practise sport or those who have made pleasure their favourite discipline.


Since 1923, Claviere's sports offer has included a 9-hole golf course that becomes 18 thanks to the possibility of continuing the course on the Monginevro green.


The nature itineraries, to be followed on foot or by bicycle, along the Rio Secco, the Piccola Dora and the Rio Gimont make it easy to approach the flora and fauna of the valley bottom, while the new 'suspended' routes, equipped along the Gorge di San Gervasio, transform the exciting experience of the Tibetan bridge and the vie ferrate into a path of discovery of the Alpine geological variety and the wild beauty of little-known areas. The Tibetan Bridge in Claviere is the longest suspension bridge in the world, 544 metres, at a height of about 30 metres above the ground.


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