A tourist and cultural pole, Oulx is also one of the main centres of the Alta Val Susa.
It is the presence of an important international railway station that makes the town a reference point for both Italian and French territory.
Its territory is rich in biodiversity, from the protected area of Lake Borello to the beauty of the surrounding slopes.
Connected by shuttle services to the Vialattea and Bardonecchia Ski resorts, Oulx maintains its tourist vocation by offering both winter opportunities, with some snowshoeing trails, and summer opportunities with numerous trekking routes.

Oulx is located on the route of the Via Francigena.

Discover some hamlets:
Amazas: a small, characteristic hamlet located on the Monginevro road, in the direction of Cesana Torinese.
Beaume (1,085m): small and charming village at the foot of the imposing Seguret. From here, it is a short walk to the interesting Orrido (gorge).
Gad (1,062m): located at the start of the Sentiero dei Franchi (Franks' Trail), it has a charming and very well restored 'historic centre'.
Monfol: on the top of a rocky spur, it is an important entry point for the Gran Bosco di Salbertrand Park.
Pierremenaud (1,445m): group of houses on the left of the Dora, along the road leading to Madonna del Cotolovier. In a splendid panoramic position and easily accessible.
San Marco: hamlet located at 1,178m along the road leading to Sauze. Simple but valuable chapel and characteristic fountain with the mitred coat of arms of the abbots of Oulx.
Villard: above Royeres, the hamlet looks towards the Frejus group: the 1685 church is dedicated to St Anthony Abbot.