Ceresole Reale is a place of great environmental value that allows for the practicing of all kinds of sports activities related to the mountains in summer and in winter surrounded by an uncontaminated landscape, the undisputed kingdom of alpine fauna - chamois, foxes, eagles, marmots and ibex in particular, the symbol of the Gran Paradiso National Park.


Woods, rocky slopes, glaciers and the singularity of the Colle del Nivolet plateau (at 2600 metres above sea level) with the splendid view of the Gran Paradiso massif characterize the landscape. The village is located in the centre of a basin surrounded by majestic peaks which are reflected in the crystal clear waters of the lake which can only be navigated by non-motorized vehicles.


Hundreds of paths wind out from the village, from the simplest to the most challenging, which lead into the woods of larches and firs with the unmistakable smell of resin, and then reach alpine huts or plateaus at high altitude, where the perspective widens and the gaze can roam beyond the peaks, giving a feeling of deep well-being and calm.


Even in winter, nature charms with its whiteness and peace. The cross-country track and the trails accessible on snowshoes, which wind along the frozen lake and through meadows and woods, changing the scenery at every turn, make it possible for you to experience an active and relaxing holiday at the same time.


But Ceresole Reale is also the ideal place for the most demanding and expert mountain lovers, in summer for high-altitude trekking and climbing on the historic faces of “Sergent” and “Caporal”, and in winter for ski mountaineering and the icefalls, even in the fun artificial gym X-Ice Park. Much of the territory is included in the Park and it offers ample opportunities to undertake excursions and ascents, but also to practice cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering, ice climbing and to walk along paths on snowshoes.