Chivasso is a welcoming and dynamic city, full of events and with a rich cultural offer. The city has ancient origins and until 1435 it was the capital of the Marquisate of Monferrato under the dynasties of the Aleramici and the Paleologi, then it passed under the rule of the Savoy and was distinguished by the heroic resistance against the French troops during the siege of 1705.

It hosted great painters such as Defendente Ferrari and Giovanni Martino Spanzotti in the sixteenth century, Demetrio Cosola in the nineteenth century, an important printer Jacopo Suigo published in 1486 the Angelic Summa of Blessed Angelo Carletti, important religious, literary and humanist born in Chivasso. In the historic center, characterized by medieval arcades, stand out the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta of 1415 with its precious brick facade of late Gothic style and the octagonal Tower, remnant of the powerful castle built in the twelfth century by the Marquises of Monferrato. The Cavour Canal (1863-1866) branches off from the Po river and extends for 80 km to Ticino for the irrigation of rice fields and is the third in Italy for its length. Specialties of the Canavese tradition are the famous and delicious Nocciolini, tiny cakes made with hazelnuts Piedmont, sugar and egg white.