Ivrea and Canavese area

Surrounded by gentle hills and green valleys such as Valchiusella, Canavese, this is a glorious corner of Piedmont that holds a huge variety of naturalistic, historic and artistic treasures, including castles, towers and ancient churches.

The central point is the city of Ivrea, the Roman “Eporedia”, surrounded by one of Europe's best known Morainic Amphitheatres which formed during the great ice ages: the retreat of the Balteo glacier gave rise to the seam of moraine rock of the Serra d'Ivrea which extends for 25km and also many basins such as the 5 lakes of Ivrea and those of Candia Canavese and Viverone.

More information: www.anfiteatromorenicoivrea.it


Discover also the Enostrada Reale dei Vini Torinesi that offers a unique experience among the flavours and scents of our land: fascinating routes inside ancient cellars dating back to the 17th century where you can taste the excellent wines of the Province of Torino.


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