Montalto Dora

Montalto Dora rises at the gates of Ivrea along the valley of the Dora Baltea, which marks its border to the west. On the other side, the charm of the castle that overlook on the waters of Lake Pistono, one of the 5 Lakes of Ivrea, is striking.

The Morenic-Canavese section of the Via Francigena passes through here and it is possible to choose between beautiful excursions either on foot or by mountain bike, perhaps arriving at the curious Terre Ballerine, a layer of peat resting on a surface of water, formed following the draining of Lake Coniglio: here you can hop around as if on a trampoline, so elastic that even the plants move and if rain has fallen in the previous days the effect is increased.

In 2017, following the discovery of traces of a pile-dwelling settlement dating back to the Neolithic period on the shores of the lake, the Archaeological Park was inaugurated with a full-scale reconstruction of a pile-dwelling to explain the techniques used to build such structures. The culture and lifestyle of the first inhabitants of this land enclosed by mountains and water are documented at the Pistono Lake Archaeology Exhibition Space, located near the Town Hall, where archaeological finds of considerable scientific importance are preserved.